Cookie policy

Cookies are text files placed on the user's computer by a website when it is visited. Cookies are placed with the aim of recognising the user's device and preferences and can serve various purposes such as to enhance the site's usability and store the user's preferences. In terms of their scope and usage, cookies can be subdivided into:

  • technical cookies;
  • profiling cookies;
  • third-party cookies.

Cookie settings for this website

Technical cookies

echnical cookies are cookies which do not require the user's consent as set forth in Art. 122 par. 1 of Law 196/2003. Bear in mind that some technical cookies are absolutely essential and if disabled some website services might not be available.

Profiling cookies

This website does not feature first-party profiling cookies.

Third-party cookies

This website features third-party cookies, i.e. cookies managed and analysed by other websites. Cookies are stored on the user's device via plug-ins or code strings generated by third-party suppliers. In particular:

Some Google Analytics plug-ins are used in this website to anonymously store and analyse traffic data and usage preferences. These cookies keep the system monitored enhancing its usability and performance.

This website does not use – nor does it allow third parties to use – Google Analytics to monitor or collect personal ID data. Google does not associate this IP address to any other information in its memory nor does it associate any IP address to any users' identities. Google can disclose such information to third parties whenever this is requested by law or where such third parties handle such information on behalf of Google.

For any further information please consult the site below:

Users can disable Google Analytics at this link:

Finally, third-party cookies send information from and to all third-party websites, in accordance with the content of each third party's cookie policy as mentioned at the end of this information note. It is up to the said third party to acquire the user's consent.

Disabling cookies

Notwithstanding what has been mentioned above for surfing-necessary cookies, cookies can be eliminated via one of the tools listed at the end of this information note and can be deleted via the browser. Each browser has different settings and procedure to manage user's preferences. For more detailed information please consult the links below.

Technical cookies

  • Name: Session cookie
    Aim: This session cookie tags the visitor with an ID during the use of the website so that the web servers can respond to his requests (ex. Giving focused informations).
    Duration: Session
  • Name: Cookie_disclaimer
    Aim: This cookie keeps track if the visitor has been accepted or not the use oft he different types of cookies from the website. The cookie is of persistent type and can be cancelled in case of modifications.
    Duration: Session
  • Name: Google Analytics
    Aim: This website uses a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Cookies allow the elaboration of aggregate statistics for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website and the activities of the user.
    Informative link: Google Analytics Cookies policy

Third party cookies

  • Name: Zopim
    Aim: These cookies are elaborated by Zopim with the purpose of memorizing your preferences and provide you with a personalized experience according to your settings.
    Informative link: Zopim Cookies policy